Extrenieve Ski School

Learn to ski or snowboard and at half price. Yes it is nearly the ski season again and get half price lessons including skis and poles. Option 1 - for a two hour lesson, normally 58 Euros and now only 29,95. Option 2 is 2 days, two hours each day, normally 112 Euros and now only 49,95. And you get to keep the equipment all day to practice. Buy as many as you like. Hundreds bought this deal last year.

29,95 €
Saving 28,05 €
Extrenieve Ski School

Tim Le Chef, Private Dining

44% off your own themed dinner party in your own home. Choose between Mexican, Indian or Italian. Normally 45 Euros per person and now only 25 Euros. All cooked in your own home by your own private dining chef, Tim. You must look at the great menus below.

25,00 €
Saving 20,00 €
Tim Le Chef, Private Dining

The Works Hair & Beauty

Unbelievable. 42% off semi permanent make up, choose between eye brows, lip liner or eye liner. Normally 300 Euros per area and now an incredible 175 Euros. Guaranteed to last 18 months and you even get a top up session. Go on compare this price with elsewhere.

175,00 €
Saving 125,00 €
The Works Hair & Beauty

Mumbai Masala Indian Restaurant

41% off a truly authentic Indian meal from this highly rated restaurant in the delightful setting of Estepona port. Poppadoms on arrival, followed by a starter, main course along with rice or Indian bread. Normally 25,50 Euros and now an incredible 15 Euros. Fantastic food in the ideal location.

15,00 €
Saving 10,50 €
Mumbai Masala Indian Restaurant

Pan & Mermelada, Nueva Andalucia

New expiry date. Yes 50% off a delightful light lunch and a slice of homemade cake from the newly opened Pan & Mermelada in Nueva Andalucia. Normally 16 Euros and now an amazing 8 Euros. Fantastic American themed food from this well known and favourite eatery. Offer extended until the end of April!

8,00 €
Saving 8,00 €
Pan & Mermelada, Nueva Andalucia

Bombay Grill Indian Restaurant

The famous Bombay Grill, San Pedro. 45% off a delicious 2 course Indian feast. Poppadoms on arrival, starter of your choice,, main course and rice or Indian bread. Normally 24 Euros and now a mouthwatering 13 Euros. Excellent reviews, top rated Indian restaurant in the area and highly recommended.

13,00 €
Saving 11,00 €
Bombay Grill Indian Restaurant

Le Papillon Restaurante and Beach Club

Now reopened after the winter break. The famous Le Papillon Restaurante and Beach Club. 57% off an outstanding 2 course lunch in this beautiful beachfront restaurant. Normally 29 Euros for two delicious courses off their winter lunch menu and now an unbelievable 12,50 Euros. Fantastic food in an unbeatable location. Highly recommended and valid until the end of April 2107.

12,50 €
Saving 16,50 €
Le Papillon Restaurante and Beach Club

We Fly Paragliding San Pedro

53% off a passenger motorised Paragliding flight including a video of your exceptional experience.Normally 170 Euros and now only 80 Euros. You can even take off from a beach. A flight of a lifetime sat with the instructor. You must look at the videos of this fun experience. Suitable for people aged from 5 to 95.

80,00 €
Saving 90,00 €
We Fly Paragliding San Pedro

Que Pasa, Mijas Costa

50% off a delicious 2 course lunch or dinner at this friendliest of Tapas Bar and Restaurants, Que Pasa. Choose any hot or cold tapas or starter to begin followed by one of their great main courses. Normally 16 Euros and now only 8 Euros. What a fantastic value Cooldeal meal deal.

8,00 €
Saving 8,00 €
Que Pasa, Mijas Costa

Route 66 Marbella

New expiry, end of April. Yes the perfect way to enjoy your Sundays this winter. 40% off a delightful 2 course traditional Sunday Lunch and some of the best live music on the del Sol. Normally 19,95 Euros and now only 11,95 Euros. A great way to spend your Sunday afternoons with friends and family along with great entertainment. And voted third best restaurant in Banus out of 106 on Trip Advisor.

11,95 €
Saving 8,00 €
Route 66 Marbella

La Sala Restaurant, Puerto Banus

The famous La Sala Restaurant, Puerto Banus. Anything off their a la carte menu for lunch or late lunch . Two courses normally 47 Euros per person and now only 19 Euros. You must look at the amazing menu below. And valid until the end of April. One of the biggest selling Cooldeal.

19,00 €
Saving 28,00 €
La Sala Restaurant, Puerto Banus

SmallWorld Cafe, Marbella

40% off a two course traditional Sunday lunch of the best quality and live entertainment. Two courses inc. crusty bread, normally 19,95 Euros and now an incredible 12 Euros. Main course and a dessert for just 12 Euros. Great reviews on the last deal with SmallWorld Cafe.

12,00 €
Saving 7,95 €
SmallWorld Cafe, Marbella

Manolo Santana Racquets Club

Up to 80% off a private lesson at Manolo Santana Racquets Club. One hour Tennis normally 49 Euros and now only 9,99 Euros. One hour Padel normally 39 Euros and now also only 9,99 Euros.

9,99 €
Saving 39,01 €
Manolo Santana Racquets Club

The Connoisseur Indian Restaurant

41% off this top rated restaurant on Trip Advisor in Mijas Costa . Yes 41% off a delicious Indian feast from the well acclaimed Connoisseur Indian Restaurant. Starter, main course, rice or bread. Normally 22 Euros and now only an incredible 12,90 Euros. What a spicy deal and look at the menu on offer. Spring Special

12,90 €
Saving 9,10 €
The Connoisseur Indian Restaurant

CostaSpine: 50% off the ultimate 4 week get fit and wellness plan from CostaSpine in association with KG Fitness. Includes Chiropractic assessments and treatments, 12 boot camp sessions, individual diet plan and 4 massage sessions. Normally 400 Euros for this extensive plan and now only 200 Euros. So only 4 weeks to start looking and feeling healthier. You must look at the plan in detail below.

200,00 €
Discount 50%
Original Value 400,00 €
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What a get fit and wellness deal today from CostaSpine and KG Fitness

The ultimate 4 week plan that is guaranteed to make you look and feel healthier.

The plan includes Boot Camps, Chiropractic sessions and assessments along with massages and an individual diet plan

Normally 400 Euros for the 4 week plan and now only 200 Euros.

That is just 50 Euros per week.

You must look at the intensity of the plan below.

This 4 week plan is the first step in you finally attaining health and wellness.


  • Vouchers are valid until the end of May 2017
  • Vouchers can be used immediately
  • After buying from Cooldeals please contact CostaSpine to book your first sessions
  • Call Ricardo on  on 678 17 73 21
  • All Chiropractic and fitness sessions take place in Guadalmina
  • Printed Voucher must be presented to redeem this offer.
  • Please see all sessions and benefits of the plan below
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • Easy to find location
  • Ample free car parking
Website CostaSpine Address C.C Guadalmina II, Oficina 13, San Pedro de AlcantaraCosta del Sol29670 Telephone 678 17 73 21 Location


Tired of New Year resolutions that don’t work when it comes to dieting along with achieving health and wellness goals?

Tired of making excuses when your goals are not reached?

Envious of people who look and appear healthy and take care of themselves effortlessly?

Thinking it takes longer than 4 weeks to start looking and feeling healthier?

If there was something that really worked in 4 weeks would you try it?

Well  we are happy to announce CostaSpine and KG Fitness have teamed up to address the problems above. 

4 week intensive programmes where all the responsibility is on them to ensure you start achieving optimal health all you need to do is show up- that simple.

KG Fitness will be offering the following:

3x boot camps a week for 45 minutes each session**

Individualized meal plan to suit your type of training and goals

One on one sessions for a drastically discounted amount

**The bootcamps will be hosted at allocated times Tuesday- Thursday, the first 4 week challenge taking place in March (28th February is the first session & the last will be on 23rd March). The second 4 week challenge will be taking place in April (18th April is when the first session will begin & the last will be on 11th May).

One on one sessions are also available at a drastically discounted rate - contact CostaSpine for more information


Chiropractor will do a full Neuro-musculoskeletal assessment of each client and treat them accordingly and transferring all of this information onto KG Fitness and for her to implement through her training.

There will be another Chiropractic session at the end of 4 weeks to ensure the client has achieved and maintained correct alignment through his training.

Client will also receive a weekly massage for 30 minutes.

So in total each client will receive the following:

12x 45 minute boot camp sessions

1x individualized diet

2x Chiropractic assessments and treatments

4x half an hour massage

The usual price for this package would be 400 euro, this complete package could be yours for only 200 euro’s. That means you are receiving 50% off the total amount of a package that could just literally change your life and it could be the first step in you finally attaining health and wellness.

More about CostaSpine

CostaSpine is an association committed to health and wellness, its primary focus is Chiropractic and Massage Therapy, with further professionals joining the team in the near future. CostaSpine's ultimate focus is to ensure the body and all its parts are functioning at their optimal. We achieve this by working closely within each department of CostaSpine. Our Chiropractor received his Masters’ degree at one of the sought after Chiropractic universities in the world. His primary role is to complete a full neuro-muscularskeletal work-up of the individual along with addressing any joint dysfunction or postural mal-alignments and corrects them accordingly. The combination treatment of massage therapy is just as crucial to ensure overall cohesion of the entire body and releasing tight musculature so that joint dysfunctions are permanently removed along with imparting a feel good sensation on each patient after they have received this therapeutic treatment. Loosening up your muscles and reliving them from tightness can assist you in achieving your body’s harmonic balance, before and during your Chiropractic treatment plan.

More about KG Fitness

KG Fitness is an online personal training business which means anyone can contact us for personalised programs and plans but we'd like to be a little bit more involved with our clients as well. That is why we offer a range of services, from body composition tests to bootcamps. KG Fitness assists our clients with a clear understanding of the value of healthy food and nutrition, with the help of our well-balanced eating plans. We integrate this with a diverse exercise routine to ensure that you are meeting your daily exercise requirements without over training, as well as acquiring the correct training for your physique goals. Our training programs are devised to improve core strength, and to incorporate functional and high intensity interval training (HIIT), that are most successful at fat loss, muscle formation and overall body strength and tone.