Finding it hard to communicate? Shopping, ordering food, talking about your health.. it can all become much easier with this brilliant online Spanish Course.

Learn common conversational vocabulary, as well as correct pronunciation and grammar.

Using The Natural Immersion Technique - you rehearse the correct sound of an entire phrase and sentence - not simply a single word at a time. 

There are 3 levels for you to study, all are included with this offer and usually 1 level takes 120 hours for students to complete all materials, meaning theory, videos, practice etc. 

  • For 6 months access this is usually €299 and is now €19
  • For 12 months access this is usually €499 and now €29
  • For 18 months access this is usually €699 and now €39
  • For 36 months access this is usually €1299 and now €49
  • For 60 months access this is usually €1699 and now €59

Study anywhere, on any laptop or mobile device (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android).

Go to the "Details" section to read more what is included in each level.

Now is the time for YOU to finally learn Spanish, quickly and easily.  Estupendo!


Cervantes Idiomas has over 10 years of experience in teaching Spanish by Spanish native speakers.
Their Program has been developed in close cooperation with the British Language Centre, a leading Adult Language Education Centre with multiple facilities and an official English Language Testing Centre for London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, TELC (The European Language Certificates) and Pearson the largest Educational company in the world (Financial Times Group).

The Natural Immersion Technique is the method they use. This means they teach you the same way you learned English. By immersing you in the language. By speaking with you clearly and elegantly. By letting you rehearse the correct sound of the entire phrase and sentence - not simply a single word at a time. It's a revolutionary way to allow you to acquire the Spanish Language effortlessly, with the grace and ease of a newborn and with unparalleled speed. Their program is based on the latest science of learning and has been tested and proven in our language programs and schools with literally thousands of students world-wide. 

Why online? By going into the minds of Native Spanish Speakers and giving you direct access to their thought and speech patterns, with video and audio streamed into the comfort of your own home, you begin to be programmed, both consciously and unconsciously into becoming masters of the Spanish Language.

"Practice makes perfect" they also practice opportunities and forums for on-line discussion in which you get to practice with Natural Spanish Speakers LIVE, this will give you a huge advantage in learning Spanish, like a native, in an immersive environment and in the least amount of time possible.

About this course

Each option includes all 3 levels. Usually 1 level takes 120 hours for students to complete all materials, meaning theory, videos, practice etc.

Ideally this involves setting by 2 hours of study, twice a week. It is more effective if you leave yourself 2-3 days between lessons, for example, studying on Mondays and Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please be informed that you may complete the course faster if you devote more time.

Level 1 - In this course, you will learn, among others, how to:

  • Conjugate basic Spanish verbs: SER / ESTAR / HABER
  • Use personal pronouns
  • Say hello and goodbye
  • Use numbers 1 to 100, talk about countries and nationalities
  • Use basic question words and talk about professions
  • Use nouns, adjectives and possessive pronouns
  • Use definite and indefinite articles
  • Name colours and use them in a context
  • Use the Present Simple tense - Presente del Indicativo with regular verbs
  • Use basic interrogative pronouns
  • Tell the time, days of the week, months, times of the day
  • Use the verb GUSTAR - to like
  • Use the most common verbs to talk about one’s leisure time
  • Use the verb IR- to go, talk about means of transport
  • Get around town
  • Use the Present Simple tense - Presente del Indicativo with irregular verbs
  • Talk about food and drink
  • Conjugate reflexive verbs and indefinite articles
  • Talk about routines
  • Talk about clothes and prices
  • Conjugate modal verbs
  • Talk about one’s obligations and responsibilities
  • Differentiate adverbs
  • Talk about fruit, vegetables and different foods
  • Talk about entertainment

You will also learn how to:

  • Describe where people or things are in space
  • Introduce yourself and close family
  • Give personal details
  • Talk about one’s job
  • Describe how often you do things
  • Describe one’s appearance and character
  • Describe one’s surroundings
  • Talk about one’s hobby
  • Share facts about one’s everyday life
  • Enrol on a language course
  • Get information in a shop, do the shopping
  • Go to the restaurant and order a meal
  • Ask for directions in a street
  • Make an appointment
  • Accept or reject offers and propositions
  • Find a flatmate
  • Engage in a conversation in a clothes shop

Level 2 - In this course, you will learn, among others, how to:

  • Use the structure ESTAR+gerundio
  • Use prepositions of place
  • Describe household items
  • Talk about household activities
  • Talk about cooking
  • Use the past tense - Pretérito Perfecto
  • Name parts of the body
  • Conjugate the verb DOLER- to hurt
  • Talk about the weather
  • Use the past tense - Pretérito Indefinido
  • Talk about travelling
  • Talk about one’s job and professional career
  • Use the past tense Pretérito Imperfecto
  • Talk about one’s childhood
  • Use comparative and superlative
  • Talk about relationships in a family and with friends
  • Use personal pronouns and where they belong in a sentence order
  • Differentiate between direct and indirect
  • Talk about the cinema
  • Use the structure IR+A+infinitive
  • Make and use the imperative mood
  • ¿CUÁNTO TIEMPO + HACE + QUE + verbs describing time duration
  • Use dependent prepositions with verbs

You will also learn how to:

  • Talk about current activities
  • Specifically describe household equipment in each room
  • Define specific objects that surround us
  • Talk about and prepare some typical Spanish dishes
  • Talk about events from the past
  • Talk about one’s ailments to a doctor
  • Have a conversation in a travel agent’s office
  • Buy train tickets
  • Talk about one’s childhood and other important moments from the past
  • Describe one’s biography
  • Compare things or people
  • Talk about one’s mood
  • Describe one’s plans for the near future
  • Describe in detail one’s favourite film
  • Give opinions, talk about tastes and preferences
  • Correctly join Spanish verbs with appropriate prepositions

Level 3 - In this course, you will learn, among others, how to:

  • Use the future tense - Futuro Simple
  • Talk about the natural environment and ecology
  • Talk about new technologies
  • Use the 1st conditional structure
  • Use Condicional Simple
  • Talk about one’s personal life and emotions
  • Talk about work and how to write one’s CV
  • Use affirmative and negative imperatives
  • Use imperatives with personal pronouns
  • Read and understand orders and prohibitions
  • Use the passive voice
  • Use the present tense - Presente del Subjuntivo
  • Use structures that involve the use of subjunctives
  • Talk about studies and learning
  • Use subjunctives in simple sentences
  • Use the past tense - Imperfecto del Subjuntivo
  • Use the 2nd conditional structure
  • Talk about plans and making decisions
  • Use idiomatic expressions connected with body parts
  • Differentiate between basic compound tenses in Spanish
  • Use the tense - Pretérito Plusquamperfecto del Indicativo
  • Use the tense - Pretérito Plusquamperfecto del Subjuntivo
  • Use the tense - Conditional Compuesto
  • Use the verb SER/ ESTAR with adjectives
  • Use idiomatic expression connected with food and drink
  • Use mixed conditional structures SI+ Plusquamperfecto del Subjuntivo + Condicional Simple

You will also learn how to:

  • Talk about future events
  • Express yourself through conditional structures
  • Describe in detail one’s emotional states and moods
  • Present yourself and talk in a job interview
  • Write your CV in Spanish
  • Make and use imperatives
  • Talk about a burglary
  • Engage in a conversation about studies
  • Make simple and complex sentences using the subjunctive
  • Use idiomatic expression in everyday conversations
  • Discuss abstract ideas


  • Vouchers are valid until the end of September 2019
  • Vouchers can be used immediately
  • Depending on how many months you have chosen, your allotted time starts from the first day you access the course
  • Works on any device, no software required, just an internet connection
  • Students must email the voucher they have bought to office@cervantes-idiomas.com
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • You will receive an email back with instructions on how to access the course
  • Their offices are only open Monday to Friday, please allow 48 hours over the weekends
  • Can be bought as a Gift

Cervantes Idiomas

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