• Conspiracy Food & Drinks is a modern, spacious restaurant overlooking the new boulevard of San Pedro de Alcantara.
  • Now open every day 1pm to Midnight!
  • It is a very international restaurant, serving a range of Dutch, Spanish, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine! 
  • With this offer you can choose whatever you like from their brand new menu, any day of the week right through until the end of September!
  • Buy a voucher for 15€ and you now get to spend 22€ - that's a 32% discount. 
  • Take a look at the full menu under "Details", there's something for everyone. 
  • This is a friendly place, with a laid back international vibe that makes you feel right at home.


This fantastic restaurant in San Pedro de Alcantara was established just 1 year ago, and have been gaining in popularity since then for their good food, friendly service and relaxed atmosphere. 

NOW OPEN every day 1pm to midnight, and now with a 32% off CoolDeal Voucher.

Dutch owner Daniel is an experienced restauranteur from Holland.  He brings with him the flavours of his home country, as well as his love of cuisines from around the world from his travels. 

You can see this in the delicious NEW MENU below that has just been launched! We particularly liked trying the Nikkei dishes, and they have a great selection of sharing dishes too!

The restaurant has a large front terrace area with comfortable seating overlooking the modern, new boulevard of San Pedro.  It also has a spacious interior if you want to cool off from the summer heat; a huge long bar, perfect for some of their livelier evenings. 

The CoolDeal: 

  • Buy a 15€ CoolDeal and get 22€ to spend on whatever you like from their food and drink menu below
  • 1 voucher per person, and only 1 voucher can be used per visit

The Menu

Sandwiches or Wraps (served with fries) – 11.90€

Various fillings including:  Chicken, Tuna, Goat Cheese (V), Smoked Salmon, Gambas with dill sauce, Hummus Rainbow (V)


Combined from Peruvian and Japanese Cuisine, with sweet and sour spices

Thin sliced sea bass – with lemon, marinated onion, goma wakame, kiszami wasabi, tobacco, lime, nanam togarashi – 9.90€

Octopus carpaccio – thin sliced octopus, lemon, marinated onion, goma wakame, kiszami wasabi, tobacco, lime, nanam togarashi – 9.90€

Tempura – prawns, veggies, or mix – served with fried leek, spicy kimchi sauce – 9.90€

Chaufa rice – prawns or chicken – vegetables, salsa madre – 11.90€

Dynamite shrimps or chicken – fried leek, little gem, cherry tomato, spicy kimchi sauce – 9.90€

Salads – Small or Large

Burrata “V” - tomato, shallots, crostini, tomato dressing – Large 9.90€                                                     

Nicoise - tuna, vegetables, egg, lemon dressing – Small 8.90€ Large - 12.90€                                         

Quinoa (prawns or smoked salmon) avocado, caramalized pear, beetroot, feta, tomato, egg, house dressing – Small 8.90€  Large - 12.90€                                                       .

Caesar (chicken, prawns or mix) egg, cherry tomato, Parmesan cheese, anchovies, Caesar dressing – Small – 8.90€ Large 12.90€                                                                      

Goat cheese “V” - spinach, vegetables, walnuts, honey-mustard  dressing – Small 8.90€ Large 12.90€

Greek “V” - feta, black olives, red onion, cucumber, cherry tomato, house dressing – Small 9.90€ Large 12.90€                                                                      

Fish – Prawns, tuna mix, smoked salmon, egg, avocado, house dressing – Small 9.90€ Large - 13.90€

Thai Beef - cherry tomato, mint leaves, red onion, cucumber, peanuts, coriander, Thai dressing – Small 9.90€ Large 13.90€


Conspiracy 200gr beef – little gem, tomato, pickles, bacon, egg, fries, truffel mayo – 12.90€

Crispy Chicken – little gem, tomato, pickles, fries, spicy kimchi sauce – 12.90€

Vegan 100% - arugula, tomato, red onion, avocado, fries, tzasiki sauce – 12.90€


Bolognese – 100€ beef, parmesan, carrots, arugula, cherry tomato – 12.90€

Chicken – white wine, heavy cream, mushroom, parmesan, arugula, cherry tomato – 12.90€

Gamba´s  - prawns, heavy cream, tomato sauce, garlic, parmesan, cherry tomato, mushroom – 12.90€

Must Try!

Qeusadilla – chicken, prawn or smoked salmon, with jalapenos, guacamole, sour cream – 9.90€

Salmon Tartar – avocado, thai dressing – 9.90€

Gambas Pil Pil – chili, coriander, garlic, bell pepper, white wine, cherry tomato, bread – 9.90€

Skin potatoes – cheese, bacon, sour cream – 7.90€


Entrecote 250gr – grilled, vegetables, polenta fries, pepper sauce or mushroom sauce   - 21.90€

Sea Bass Fillet  with Scallops – vegetable risotto, sundry tomato butter – 19.90€

Salmon Fillet - vegetables, caviar eggs, polenta fries, creamy lemon sauce  - 19.90€

Fajitas Tower (2 People) - 2 sizzling platters with seasoned onion, bell peppers, beef, chicken. Served with tortillas for rolling, sour cream, hot sauce, fries – 24.90€

Asian Wok – chicken, prawns or mix - noodles, vegetables, fried egg – 12.90€

Pita Delicious (2pcs) - chicken, beef, lettuce, tomato, avocado, 2 sauces, fries  - 12.90€

Not to Forget

Chicken Satay 200gr – 12.90€

Yellow chicken curry – 12.90€

Chicken Cordon bleu – 12.90€

Cheese fondue “v” – 12.90€

Risotto “V” – 12.90€

Nice to Share

They have a range of tapas style dishes including Dutch Bitterballs, spring rolls, Russian salad, polenta fries, chicken bites, fish croquettes, hummus nachos and more! Prices from 4.90€ to 11.90€ sharing.


Chocolate coolant filled with raspberries – 5.90€

Cheese cake – 5.90€

Ice cream with whipped cream – scoop – 1.50€

Chocolate Fudge Brownie – 5.90


  • Vouchers are valid until 30th September 2021
  • 1 voucher per person per visit
  • Your voucher gives you 22€ worth of food and drinks from the menu
  • Anything ordered above this amount will be charged and paid for locally at normal price
  • Open every day 1pm to Midnight
  • To book please email daniel@conspiracymarbella.com or call 951 435 116 and remember to quote CoolDeals
  • Voucher must be presented on arrival to redeem this offer - either on your mobile phone or printed copy
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer from Conspiracy, CoolDeals or CoolLife


Avenida Hermanos Alvarez Quintero, 20San Pedro de AlcantaraMalaga29670





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Conspiracy Food & Drinks

New opening hours, new menu and now a bigger discount! This friendly restaurant in San Pedro de Alcantara are now open for lunch as well as dinner. Buy a voucher for 15€ and you get to spend 22€ on any dishes or drinks that you like from their full A la Carte menu! Get your friends together, and a group of 4 can save 28€ on the final bill! Take a look a the mouth-watering menu!

15,00 €

22,00 €


32 %


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