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  • This online "Photography Beginner Level Course" would be a great new hobby for you or someone you love.
  • It could even be the start of a career!
  • Includes some of the types of photography you can practise, such as landscapes, scenery and people or group portraits. 
  • Ever wondered how to take great photos of fireworks? You can learn here!!
  • With a huge 95% off, the course is normally 199€ but now only 9€! 
  • Buy it for yourself or as a Christmas gift!
  • Take a look under "Details" to see what's included!
  • You can also get a recognised CPD certificate to evidence your new skills if you want to teach others.


This online "Beginner Photography Course" is perfect for a budding photographer, young or mature!

This course is CPD certified and has been designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to become an expert photographer, and to learn the appropriate skills and expertise needed to take your professionalism to the next level.

For just 9€, take a look at what's included.  Each section is a video tutorial.

Course Curriculum

Beginner Camera Setting (Important Info Used In Subsequent Lectures

Use The Exposure Triangle To Understand Exposure And Get Out Of The Auto Mode

The ISO setting, what is it and what’s it for?

Exposure Compensation, why you sometimes need to darken or lighten your images

Lens apertures, learn about one of the most important camera settings

More Advanced Camera Setting

5 Tips for tack sharp focussing

Use your histogram to nail the exposure for those important images.

Aperture & depth of field – start getting creative (DSLRs)

Scene modes & depth of field (Compact cameras)

Improve Your Image With Natural Lighting

Direction of light and the effect it has on your photos

Get nice blue skies in your photos and avoid white skies

How to retain the ambient light of a nicely lit room

Better indoor portraits using window light – pt 1 of 2

Better indoor portraits using window light – pt 2 of 2

Create a great look using backlighting

How to improve your natural light portraits using a reflector

Improve Your Image Using Better Composition

Use the rule of thirds for improved composition

Better composition using diagonal lines

Use ‘Leading Lines’ to create more dramatic images

Use repeating patterns for more impact

Improve your composition using the ‘frame within a frame’ trick

Blur the background for more impact (DSLRs)

Blur the background to isolate your subject (Compact Cameras)

Don’t let cluttered backgrounds ruin your portraits

Improve your portraits using nature’s own abstract backgrounds

Tips On Posing For Portraits

Flatter your individual subject with these full length posing tips

Family or small group poses – Pt I Standing poses

Family or small group poses – Pt II Seated poses

Individual natural and relaxed female poses

Ideas for photographing children, 4-6 months old

Ideas for photographing children, 9-12 months old

Landscapes And Scenery

Landscape photography tips, a walkthough with Barbara

How to take better photos in the snow

Flash Photography

Better Results Using An External Flashgun, PT I – Bouncing The Flash

Better Flash Portraits Using An External Flashgun, PT II – More Creative Portraits

Better results using your cameras’ built-in flash – soften the shadows

Better results using on-board flash – get a more pleasing background

Information And Tips On Using Lenses

General tips on camera lenses, variable/fixed apertures, fast/slow, what are prime lenses?

Lens focal length, Pt I – Perspective

Lens focal length, Pt II – ‘Field of View’

Lens focal length, Pt III – ‘Depth of Field’

Other General Techniques

A neat idea for a fun, dramatic portrait

How the ‘half press of the shutter’ technique can improve your picture taking

How to easily create a stunning online slide show in minutes

How to take photos of fireworks

How To Take A Really Flattering Profile Or PR Photo

Take a more flattering PR or Profile photo – Basic technique using using ‘Top Shade’

Take a more flattering Profile or PR photo – Refining the basic profile or PR image

Which Digital Camera To Buy Next, Megapixels Is Not The Answer.

The myth of megapixels – image resolution and quality

Which camera should i buy next – there’s so many to choose from!

Obtain Your Certificate

Order Your Certificate of Achievement

Please note: you are provided with proof of having completed the course by Knowledge Door, however you can also attain a recognised CPD certificate from Knowledge Door to evidence your new skill and accomplishment to add to your CV. The certification is available in PDF format, at the cost of £12, or a hard copy can be sent via post at the cost of £35.

Why choose this course?

  • Engaging and inventive e-learning course
  • Instructor-led distance learning
  • Get trained by industry experts
  • Easy to use and easy to follow
  • Written and compiled by Industry Professionals
  • Qualified tutors are always available for you via email
  • Certificates from this course are recognised in the industry

Why Learn with Knowledge Door?

  • They have taught and certified more than 50,000+ students and organizations worldwide
  • They are committed to helping students start new careers or advance in their chosen career paths
  • They have Award-winning Customer Support
  • They have partnered with some of the biggest accreditors in the world
  • They believe in you. Your success is their success!

Who is this course for?

This comprehensive course is ideal for anyone who is looking to setup and design their own website, but also for those wishing to attain qualifications and move on to more challenging roles in this sector. Completion of the course will prove your learning potential and provide the impetus to boost your career into whatever direction you choose. The course will provide both established professionals and relative newcomers to this aspect of life coaching with some real advantages, earning impressive accreditation and acquiring skills which will make any candidate’s CV stand out in a crowded marketplace.


You’ll not need to bring any qualifications or references to this course, as no previous experience will be needed. Any student from any background, and of any age, can enrol and learn at their own pace. As long as you are seventeen years old, have a basic knowledge of the English language and are relatively comfortable with rudimentary IT skills, you will be eligible to enrol. There are no time limits on learning, so you will never have to rush and complete a course before a strict deadline. Just concentrate on your goals and study in your own time and at your own pace with no unnecessary pressure.



  • Vouchers are valid until the end of February 2022
  • After purchase, please note down your 4 Digit Code that you will find on the voucher we send you by email.
  • Then complete the form here:
  • You will receive an email back with instructions on how to access the course
  • Vouchers can be used immediately
  • Minimum age requirement 17 years old
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • Online study with tutor support
  • No time limit for completing your course
  • Works on any device, no software required, just an internet connection
  • Can be bought as a gift




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Get a huge 95% off this online Beginners Photography Course. It's now only 9€!! A great idea of present for all ages! Via video tutorials, you will learn everything from camera settings, to lighting, composition and how to take flattering profile pictures! Take a look under "Details" to see the full course syllabus.

9 €

199 €


95 %


190 €


Buy now before it runs out

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