• An amazing offer from Lerni Online Language Courses today.
  • Get 18 month's access to 5 languages, normally 450€ now just 29€
  • You will have access to learn Spanish, German, Italian, French and English.
  • Suitable for any level, whether you are a beginner or want to improve your existing skills.
  • Learn interactively, online, at your own pace from the comfort of your own home, or garden!!
  • Very simple to use, via your computer or your smart phone.
  • The course includes speech recognition technology, movies, games and interactive exercises.
  • A fun and motivating way to learn, and you get a certificate at the end.


This is a great way for anyone, of any age, to learn a language.  It's very simple to access through your computer, tablet or smart phone.  Any where, any time!  

With 18 months access, you'll have plenty time to learn from scratch or improve your linguistic skills, and you can learn more than one language if you're feeling brave! 

Tailor the course to your needs

You choose your level of proficiency and  follow the course either in a step-by-step manner or according to your individual plan.  The courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, A1 = Beginner, A2 = Elementary, B1 = Intermediate, B2 = Upper Intermediate

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

  • Spanish with Levels A1, A2 and B1 for English speakers
  • German with Levels A1, A2 and B1 for English & Spanish Speakers
  • French with Levels A1 and A2 for English & Spanish Speakers
  • Italian with Levels A1 and A2 for English & Spanish Speakers
  • English with Levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 for Spanish speakers

The access includes all the courses and certification for each level.

You learn at any time of the day and in any location – use the app on your phone or use the browser on your computer.

Enrich your vocabulary

Learning vocabulary with Lerni becomes extremely simple thanks to the revision module. You learn the most useful and necessary words and phrases, practice their spelling and pronunciation.

Control your progress

You can check your progress in the statistics and scoring system, with rankings and badges which help motivate you.

Immerse yourself in the language

With the author's teaching method you are immersed into the language - listening, talking, and reading helping you learn quickly and permanently!

Get certified

After completing the course level you will receive a certificate confirming the completion of the course and your language skills.

How does Lerni teach you?


Do you think grammar is neither easy nor pleasant? Not anymore! Lerni´s grammar zones include quick and specific explanations. It perfectly complements the multimedia of each lesson.


Don’t be voiceless in a foreign country, or afraid to talk! Thanks to Lerni´s advanced speech recognition technology, you will be able to play the role of Michael and Emily in dozens of situational dialogues. Learn how to make new relationships, ask for directions, order food in a restaurant and even how to hold business talks!


Immediately after a photo lesson, it is one of the components which indirectly shapes the practice of proper pronunciation and intonation. Dictation checks how a user can deal with the capture of individual words while hearing the whole sentence, and checks if you are able to properly write the phrase which was heard.


This component allows you to quickly and easily repeat the vocabulary of a given range of material and listen to the pronunciation. In addition, click "print" and learn wherever you want at any time!


You can also learn the language through educational movies. Actors are native speakers with local accents. To make the messages more attractive movies are enriched with 3D animations. The movies show real life communication situations so while watching them you get familiar with the language, pronunciation and grammatical structures - learning new vocabulary at the same time.

Photo lessons

These are exercises which use recordings from native speakers and professional photos. They are a very important element of the course, as they not only exercise automatic understanding from listening but also develop sensitivity to the grammatical structure and raise awareness of the language in general. Through photo lessons learning becomes much easier than you´d think.

Educational games

We prove that education can be good fun! Educational games provide an additional catalyst for the knowledge gained whilst using the course. In both spoken and grammatical, they bring an element of fun to your learning.


This is where the theory turns into practice. Here you can test yourself, interactive exercises are part of every lesson. During the course you will solve hundreds of exercises which will help you to remember lessons you have done and thanks to the automatic answers you will know immediately what you have learnt and what needs to be revised.

This is how it works:

Buy your voucher from CoolDeals.

Then send your voucher by email to ayuda@lerni.us

Within 48 hours you will be sent a link to the Lerni website, along with an individual access code.   

The Lerni website is very simple to use, but if you have any problems Lerni are always there to help.

Who are Lerni?

Lerni are a Polish company, creating e-learning courses accredited by the Ministry of Education. So far they have received two European Language Label awards.

600,000 people from all over the world have chosen their course.

Testimonials - Here´s what some of them have said:

“I don't have time and motivation to learn languages on a daily basis, that's why an online Spanish course seems to be the best solution for a quick and effective learning in my case. I don't need to sign up for any language schools, only start and finish a lesson when I feel like doing it.

Kevin, 24 years

Thanks to the Lerni platform I have unlimited access to several language courses. I am currently learning English and Italian. Disciplinator tool allows me to schedule my work on specific days and time convenient for me, whereas the statistics monitor my progress. I am satisfied when I can observe my progress. Additionally, I like to be top of the ranking! :)

Maria,24 years

I started learning due to working in an international corporation. Online Business English course allowed me to quickly get used to the language and after two months of training (at home in the evenings), I feel more confident reading e-mails from foreign customers or having conversations in English.

Emily,52 years

I am impatient and I want to see the results of my work very quickly. The Italian course monitors my progress, so I know exactly what stage I was learning at, and on which tasks exactly I've yet to work.

Julio,19 years



  • Vouchers must be redeemed by end of August 2020
  • The course is personal and non-transferable and can be used only once
  • However, you can buy several vouchers and give them to a friend or loved one
  • After purchase, please email your CoolDeals voucher to ayuda@lerni.us
  • Lerni will send you a link to their website along with your access code
  • Please allow up to 48 hours to be contacted after purchase
  • You have 18 months to complete any or all! of the courses from the date you login


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Learn a new language or perhaps improve your existing vocabulary, with a huge 94% off not just 1, but 5 online language classes! Spanish, German, Italian, French and English. Usually €450 and now only 29€, you get 18 month's access to all 5 languages! How increíble, formidable, and wunderbar is that !

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