• Want to live an extraordinary life? In need of a change?
  • Self Development Network offers an amazing range of online courses, see under "Details".
  • And yes, sounds unbelievable, but you can get 67% off a lifetime subscription!
  • All 82 courses normally have a value of 149€ but you get access to all of them for just 49€!
  • Unrestricted access to everything including audio courses, downloads and applications. 
  • Whatever your goal, with these courses you can learn ways to lead a happier healthier life. 


Self Development Network is a collection of 82 best-selling online courses (from the 250 that they own!).

Their courses reveal key secrets that top achievers use to get exactly what they want in life! So you can learn how to shift your attitude and your perspective about your life’s potential, how to overcome life's difficulties, and how to become more free.  Many of the courses use methods such as self-hypnosis, meditation and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming which uses the conscious use of language to bring about changes in someone's thoughts and behavior).

Your Lifetime subscription includes:

  • Every conceivable resource, all in one convenient place, to make your journey faster & easier!
  • New products added each & every month! Exciting new trainings, tools, & techniques.
  • Access to highly engaged peers who know what you are going through! This one benefit alone can make the difference between sweet success and bitter failure!
  • BONUS Training from outside experts!

Current Courses - all this for just 49€!

Stop Smoking in 28 Days

Achieve Goals Hypnosis Audio Session

Be Assertive Hypnosis Audio Session

Release Limiting Beliefs Hypnosis Audio Session

Positive Selling Power Subliminal Audio Session

Focus Boost – Sonic Vitamin

Positive Thinking – Hypnosis

Secrets to Productive Days

Super Deep Relaxation Audio Session

The Self-Suggestion Kit

Banish Colds and Flus – Hypnosis

The Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection

Health Secrets

How To Win Contests

The Absolute Secret

Listen & Lose

Confidence Trigger

Acne Freedom in 72 Hours

Think Yourself Lucky

The Hypnosis Vault

Creativity Boost Hypnosis Script

Pain Free Childbirth Hypnosis Session

Life Makeover System

Release Your Past Hypnosis Session

Change Your Physical Body Subliminal Session

Banish Cold and Flus Hypnosis Script

Stay Awake During Meditation – Hypnosis

Absolute Self Belief

Attract Your Soul Mate – Audio Session

Relief from Back Pain – Hypnosis

The Power of Breathing

Sales Success – Hypnosis Audio Session

The Belief Secret

Brain Power Pro

The Ten Minute Cure

Be A Great Parent Hypnosis Script

Staying Healthy & Immune Booster Program

The Meditation Program

Life Coaching Secrets

The Secrets of REAL Hypnosis

The Quantum Cookbook

Law of Attraction Pro

You Can Create Wealth – Hypnosis

The NLP Secret

The Five Rituals

The Ultimate Self-Talk Series

Sleep Deprivation – Audio Session

Extrovert Me!

Become Anybody


The Mind Control Course

Sleep Programming

Stop Unwanted Thoughts

Stop OCD

The Speed Reading Secret

The Ultimate NLP Course

Guaranteed IQ

How To Be Funny Course

Brain Bullet

Subliminal Studio + Bonus Add On Sessions

Subliminal Power 2

Subliminal Power Software


  • Vouchers are valid until the end of December 2021
  • Students must email the voucher they have bought to support@selfdevelopment.net
  • You will receive an email back with instructions on how to access all the courses
  • This is lifetime access to all courses on the www.selfdevelopment.net website
  • Works on any device, no software required, just an internet connection
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • Their offices are only open Monday to Friday, please allow 48 hours over the weekends
  • Can be bought as a Gift



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Self Development Network

Learn new skills, improve and develop yourself with this amazing offer! Self Development Network is an online learning platform made up of 82 courses. With CoolDeals you can get 67% off a Lifetime Subscription to ALL 82 courses!! Total value normally 149€ but now only 49€!!! Take a look now to see what's included!

49,00 €

149,00 €


67 %


100,00 €


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Delicious 2 Course Meal

22,00 € 13,95 €

Marbella / Estepona

Delicious 2 Course Meal

2021/10/15 21:59:59

Activities in Andalucía

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Marbella / Estepona

Activities in Andalucía

2021/10/06 21:59:59

Spa Circuit & Massage

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Spa Circuit & Massage

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Get 22€ to spend for just 15€

22,00 € 15,00 €

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Get 22€ to spend for just 15€

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22€ to spend for just 15€

22,00 € 15,00 €

Marbella / Estepona

22€ to spend for just 15€

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3 Course Lunch for just 22€!

47,00 € 22,00 €

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3 Course Lunch for just 22€!

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