Recommend a Business

Recommend a Business

Invite your favourite business to become a partner of CoolDeals and you could get 25€ to spend with us.

Do you know a local business that you think could benefit from some more publicity? Maybe you have a favourite restaurant you like to visit, a hairdresser you love, or an activity you like to do.

Tell your favourite business owner about Cooldeals and invite them to have a chat with us.

For each new business that you invite, who then goes ahead and does a CoolDeals promotion or subscribes to CoolDeals, we will credit your Cooldeals account with 30€ to spend on future CoolDeals purchases.

Log in and register, start inviting businesses and make some cool money.

To recommend a business you must register or log into your Cooldeals account first, and remember it is free to become a Cooldeals member.

Recommend a Business Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for a recommendation under this scheme, the merchant (business) referred to Cooldeals must:

  • not be an existing merchant of Cooldeals;
  • have not been previously referred to Cooldeals or otherwise already known to Cooldeals;
  • not be a merchant which is assuming ownership, management or responsibility of a merchant which is or was party to a contract with Cooldeals;
  • have consented to the referrer passing their contact details to Cooldeals and to Cooldeals contacting them for the purposes of potentially doing a Cooldeals offer and publicity campaign.
  • enter into such an agreement with Cooldeals within one month of being contacted by Cooldeals;
  • have done a promotion with Cooldeals, which has sold at least 2 vouchers in connection with their first Cooldeals offer within 30 days of that agreement being entered into

25€ (Cooldeals) credit will be applied to the referrer´s Cooldeals account for each eligible referral. Only one credit will be provided for each eligible referral of a new business.

Credit will be issued after the expiry of one month from the date on which the new business enters into an eligible agreement with Cooldeals. Up to 30 days should be allowed for the credit to be received.

Notification of the Credit will be sent by email to the email address recorded on the referrer´s Cooldeals account.

There shall be no entitlement to a Credit if, at the time the Credit would otherwise be issued:

the new merchant´s agreement with Cooldeals is no longer in force for any reason (or any notice of termination of that agreement has been served for any reason);

the new merchant is in breach of any of the terms and conditions of that agreement.

Cooldeals’s standard account opening procedures will apply to any new merchant and acceptance of any new merchant shall be at Cooldeals’s absolute discretion.

The referrer will be liable to Cooldeals (and to the referred merchant) in the event that it passes any contact details to Cooldeals without having permission to do so.

The Credit is subject to Cooldeals usual terms and conditions. Which are, if you have credit on your account this will automatically be deducted from your next purchase and this deduction will be visible at the point of sale. Credit must be used within one year of issue. Any remaining credit after one year will be forfeited.

No cash alternative is available and the Credit is non-transferable.

Cooldeals reserves the right to refuse to issue a Credit if it has reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a breach of these terms and conditions or any illegal or criminal activity (including fraud) has occurred in connection with this referral scheme.

Cooldeals reserves the right to withdraw this referral scheme (or to amend the terms and conditions applicable to it) at any time for any reason. Any referrals (or contracts entered into with new customers) following the date of withdrawal of the scheme will not be eligible for a Credit.

Any decision taken by Cooldeals in connection with this referral scheme shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Spain.

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