• This online "Botany Diploma Course" is a brilliant introduction to the study of everything to do with plants, from algae to giant Redwood trees, from the microscopic level to the ecosystem level. 
  • For nature lovers, gardeners, or anyone wanting to pursue a career as a botanist, plant scientist or phytologist, this course is ideal.
  • Maybe you want to get into fields such as clean energy, plant conservation or developing medicine - this is a great place to start!
  • For just 19€, you'll learn about the world's plant life — inside out, past and present, fungi to flower.
  • From the highest mountains to the lowest-lying deserts. You’ll understand all plants a little better.
  • Would make a great gift!


Always wanted to know more about the natural world?

Take a look at what's included in this online "Botany Diploma Course" - all this for just 19€!

You’ll become familiar with gross and microscopic plant anatomy, plant physiology, the family or genera plants belong to, how they are taxonomically organised, and their metabolic processes. You’ll even follow their evolution from water to land and discover how they’ve adapted to their differing environments.

The Botany Diploma Course begins by looking at plant evolution and adaptation, a process that will introduce you to some of the most exciting plant species, including carnivorous plants (which might live closer to you than you think!).

From there, we’ll dive right into the plants, as we consider them on a microscopic level. You’ll discover the different cells that make up various plant tissue types, becoming familiar with the process of plant growth.

You'll learn about the gross anatomy of plants, looking at the plant parts that we can see with the naked eye. You discover facts about the foods you eat and think more deeply about how humans use each different plant part. We’ll also explore plant physiology, as we take a closer look at processes such as photosynthesis and respiration and how water and sugars move through plants.

The Botany Diploma Course shows you the systems of classifications used to organise the gigantic plant kingdom. We explore Kingdom Protista and lichen and learn about fungi — which includes a look at what mushrooms are and edible, poisonous and psychotropic fungi. You’ll also discover some of our earliest land plants as you study bryophytes and ferns.

You’ll be introduced to gymnosperms — helping you learn more about conifers. You’ll also explore how they reproduce and how humans have come to rely on them for more than just wood.

The course concludes in an explosion of colour, scent and ingenious pollination adaptations, as you explore angiosperms — flowering plants.


Module 1: How Plants Took Over the World

Part 1: The Evolution of Plants

Part 2: Mechanisms of Plant Evolution

Part 3: How Different Species Evolve

Part 4: Adaptation - Desert and Aquatic Plants

Part 5: Rainforest Plants and Plants of the Tundra

Part 6: Carnivorous Plants

Module 1 Assessment

Module 2: The Microscopic Anatomy of Plants

Part 1: Plant Cells

Part 2: Cellular Reproduction in Plant Cells

Part 3: How Plant Cells Communicate

Part 4: Plant Tissues

Module 2 Assessment

Module 3: The Gross Anatomy of Plants

Part 1: The Roots

Part 2: Stems

Part 3: Leaves

Part 4: Leaf Types and Arrangements

Part 5: Flowers

Part 6: Fruits and Seeds

Part 7: Dispersing Seeds

Module 3 Assessment

Module 4: Plant Physiology

Part 1: Controlling Plant Growth

Part 2: Plant Movements

Part 3: Water in Plants

Part 4: Plant Metabolism

Module 4 Assessment

Module 5: Plant Names and Classifications

Part 1: Organising Our World

Part 2: Kingdoms

Part 3: Genus and Species

Module 5 Assessment

Module 6: The Kingdom Protista and Lichen

Part 1: Algae

Part 2: Molds and Lichens

Module 6 Assessment

Module 7: The Fungi Kingdom

Part 1: The Fungi Kingdom

Part 2: Division Basidiomycota

Part 3: Poisonous and Psychotropic Fungi

Module 7 Assessment

Module 8: The Bryophytes and Ferns

Part 1: Bryophytes

Part 2: The Ferns and Related Vascular Plants

Module 8 Assessment

Module 9: The Gymnosperms

Part 1: Division Pinophyta

Part 2: Divisions Cycadophyta and Gnetophyta

Module 9 Assessment

Module 10: Angiosperms — The Flowering Plants

Part 1: Angiosperms

Part 2: Pollination

Part 3: Fabulous Flowering Families


The Botany Diploma Course will take you up to 150 hours to complete, working from home. There is no time limit for completing this course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace.

This is a Level 3 course and will give you 150 CPD (Continued Professional Development) points.

Upon completion of your course assessments, you receive 2 certificates. A certificate from the Centre of Excellence and a CPD certificate displaying the number of CPD points earned from the course.

This course is registered with the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), which is internationally recognised as the elite force in professional, ethical complementary medicine by professional practitioners, doctors and, increasingly, by the general public. Upon completion of the course you can gain membership to the CMA, which in addition to supplying a professional accreditation, offers a number of benefits.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners can also receive a certificate of achievement from ABC Awards and a Learner Unit Summary, which lists the details of all the units the learner has completed as part of the course. (This certificate is optional and costs an additional £15).

ABC Awards is a leading national Awarding Organisation, regulated by Ofqual, and the Welsh Government. It has a long-established reputation for developing and awarding high-quality vocational qualifications across a wide range of industries.

This course has been endorsed under the ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme.


  • Vouchers are valid until the end of March 2021
  • Vouchers can be used immediately
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • Online study with tutor support
  • No time limit for completing your course, 150 hours of study
  • Works on any device, no software required, just an internet connection
  • Students must email the voucher they have bought to enquiries@coecourses.com
  • You will receive an email back with instructions on how to access the course
  • Can be bought as a Gift


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Fascinated with the world of plants? Whether you're a keen gardener, eco-warrior or wannabe scientist, this online "Botany Diploma Course" is for you! Normally 143.76€ but now only 19€, the course will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the vast kingdom of plants!

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