Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Join CoolDeals today and reach thousands of local residents and tourists on the Costa del Sol.

CoolDeals has been successfully bringing new customers to our business partners on the Costa del Sol for 12 years.

Our existing clients can become your clients in an instant!

Our GEO mapping systems helps customers find your business and promotions.

  • Promote anything you like, an event, a new service, a special menu or product.
  • It doesn't have to be a discount! But that's an option too.
  • Take bookings and appointments free of charge!!

Try it for FREE for one month, then pay a low fixed monthly fee.

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Give your business an extra boost!

  • Connect to our 100k database directly with a CoolDeals Voucher Campaign!
  • No upfront cost! Just a small commission based on results.
  • We set everything up for you.
  • Your offer is sent to our customers by email.
  • Your vouchers are promoted on our website, on Spectrum Radio, Facebook and Instagram.

Start your one month FREE trial today!

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CoolDeals Membership

Local customers will be alerted to your business and your current promotion via the App and on our web pages.

Thousands of our existing customers will be connected to you.

CoolDeals is heavily promoted to locals, tourists and other visitors via radio, social media, influencers and all our local connections.

CoolDeals Vouchers

We tell our members directly about your CoolDeals Voucher promotion by email. We promote it on our website, Spectrum Radio, Facebook and Instagram. There is no upfront cost, just a small results driven admin fee based on how many vouchers are used by the customers.

* You can choose membership, or do a CoolDeals Voucher Campaign on its own. Contact us for more information so you can decide what is best for YOUR business.

CoolDeals puts you back in control…

  • Free trial

  • Free Business Page

  • Exclusive Display QR Code

  • Self Managed Promotions

  • In App Promotion

  • Take bookings/appointments

  • Radio Promotion with Spectrum FM and online

  • Social Media Promotion to Over 10K followers

  • CoolDeals Mailshots to 60k Users