• Floats will unlock the power of your mind, associated with meditation, intuition, memory and creativity/learning
  • The magnesium solution means you feel weightlessness and deep muscle relaxation.
  • Floating is proven to soothe muscles and joints and can aid post-op recovery.
  • Option 1: 30% off one 1 hour float session usually €65 and now only €45.50.
  • Option 2: 30% off three 1 hour float sessions, usually €180 and now only €126.
  • The weightlessness can help relieve back pain, reduce oedema and give you a sense of peace.
  • Floating in a warm, secure atmosphere counteracts symptoms and restores clarity and calmness.
  • Anybody and everybody from all walks of life can benefit from floating, so why not buy this for a friend!


A new and exciting offer today from Floatario, the only dedicated float centre on the Costa del Sol.  Have a read below about all the amazing benefits.

What Is Floating?

Floatation is a fantastic means of obtaining profound mental and physical relaxation. It is recommended for the treatment of chronic pain relief, enlightened creativity and the general well being of your body and mind.

Isolated in a float tank, fully relaxed in 10” of water and 300 kilos of magnesium sulphate will be an experience like no other. A relaxing, safe environment that will enable unrestrained floating, with warm, secure surroundings.

And with CoolDeals, you can get get 30% off either: 

Option 1: One float session usually €65 and now only €45.50

Option 2: Three float sessions, usually €180 and now only €126

Why Float?

Everybody deserves to take time for themselves, to de-stress, relax and forget the burdens of everyday life. This is where floating can be so beneficial. In a private room the air and water temperature is kept at 36ºC blood temperature (98ºF).  You will enter the float tank, close your mind to the outside world and take time just for yourself.

Daily sensory input floods our worlds, floating reduces your own senses: touch, sight, smell and taste, replacing them with a level of relaxation not obtained previously.

Some people will experience deep trance like states, some will experience deprivation of their senses connecting with their inner self. The release of endorphins can produce sensations similar to receiving chemical pain relief, but as it is completely natural and produced by your own body, it is completely harmless and extremely beneficial. The health benefits are endless.

Heard about the Theta Brain Wave State?

The safe cocoon of this weightless environment helps you get into a deep meditative state of relaxation – or what is known as the “Theta Brain Wave State”.  For example, when you’re having an afternoon nap and you’re drifting in and out of a dreamy state, neither awake nor asleep - this is a meditative state where you are experiencing theta brain waves and within this state your body and mind can go through an optimal healing process. Theta is one of the 5 frequencies that we can experience, ranging from an awakened state, to a deep sleep state (beta, alpha, theta, delta & gamma). Theta is the gateway to your creativity, learning and intuition, allowing you to access the power of your unconscious mind, which you can’t access in a more alert state. 

Who Floats?

People lead today fast paced, extremely busy lives. Stress is one of the biggest known factors that lies at the root of both mental and physical problems.

Stressful jobs with targets to meet, parents with new born babies, ongoing medical conditions, physical problems; these alone or combined will cause stress levels to rise.

Floating in a warm, secure atmosphere will gradually counteract these problems or symptoms and restore clarity and calmness.

Benefits of Floating

Medical Benefits

Lowers blood pressure.

Regulates sleeping patterns.

Relieves recurring injury.

Eases joint pain.

Speeds up muscle recovery.

Strengthens the immune system.

Treats symptoms of anxiety.

Physical Benefits

Improves skin appearance.

Restores healthier hair.

Accelerates healing.

Improves energy levels.

Reduces effects of jet lag.

Helps with pregnancy discomfort.

Improves athletic performance.

Mental Benefits

Meditate without practicing.

Improve relationships.

Reduces symptoms of stress.

Tames tension headaches.

Increases creativity.


  • Do not shave for at least 24 hours prior to your float. Entering salt water after shaving can sting for up to 10 minutes. Please wait 48 hours after Brazilian waxes.
  • You will be required to shower before and after your float, so skip any heavy make-up, perfumes and excessive hair products. 
  • It’s better to float in your birthday suit (nude) but they do provide disposable underwear for those who prefer it.
  • Please, check with Floatario for criteria concerning natural vegetable and vegan hair dyes.
  • If you have dyed your hair within 14 days prior to floating, you will not be permitted to float. Hair dyes bleed from hair and can damage the water and/or pod itself. 
  • Floatario don’t recommend the use of swim caps either since water is still able to seep inside them.
  • Do not float if you’ve received a tattoo within two weeks of your session 
  • Floatario supply towels, robe, shampoo, conditioner, body wash & moisturisers, disposable ear plugs and hair dryers. 
  • For sanitation reasons you will need to bring a comb or brush and any special lotions or cosmetics you care to use after your float. 
  • If you wear contacts Floatario suggest either wearing or bringing your glasses with you and taking your contacts out for your session.
  • Have a light snack prior to your session. It’s best to not be hungry or very full before floating, somewhere in the middle is just right. As you do not want to feel your stomach in the floatation tank.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, or smoking at least three hours prior to entering the floatation pod.
  • Drugs of any kind are NOT allowed in the tank. No exceptions.


        • Vouchers are valid until the end of April 2019
        • Please see under "Details" for precautions and instructions
        • Booking is essential, by appointment only and a minimum of 24 hrs in advance
        • Please call 660502040/686105030 to book your appointment and quote CoolDeals
        • Located inside the Cristamar Centre, bookings can be made Monday to Saturday between 10am and 9pm.
        • Printed Voucher must be presented to redeem this offer
        • 1 voucher per person
        • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer
        • Can be bought as a gift


        CC Cristamar,Puerto BanúsMarbellaMalaga29660





        If you have never tried floatation therapy before, this is the perfect deal for you. It has so many benefits - sports injury recovery, anxiety and stress, PTSD, insomnia.. it can even improve creativity! Get 30% off either your first 1 hour float session, usually €65 and now only €45.50, or a pack of three 1 hour float sessions, usually €180 and now only €126. Relax, have a float and escape from your daily stresses.

        45,50 €

        65 €


        30 %


        19,50 €


        Buy now before it runs out

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